Energy Transfer Technology Products

The Dual Drive brings together a natural gas engine and compressor with an electric motor on one skid. The compressor uses a unique overrunning clutch to seamlessly switch operation between the natural gas engine and electric motor without any down time or interruption to gas flow.

Dual Drive CA Series

The Dual Drive CA Series keeps production high and emissions low.

Because we don't believe that a one size fits all strategy can meet all your compression needs, we have designed a product line that delivers what no one else can - the flexibility to select the compression system that will meet your needs.
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Dual Drive Gen Series

The Dual Drive Gen Series is a dual purpose machine with the ability to operate either as an electric generator or a natural gas compressor. The Dual Drive Gen Series is similar in design to the Dual Drive CA Series; however there is one distinct difference. The Dual Drive Gen Series is designed with a synchronous motor and converts to an electric generator.
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Dual Drive Pump Series

In addition to compression, we are making moves to bring ETT's Dual Drive technology to the industrial pump industry as many industries have vast pumping needs which require high runtimes, low emissions and the ability to get off the electrical grid. ETT's Dual Drive Pump Series, like all Dual Drive products, can operate...
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Power Management

Along with the Dual Drive CA Series ETT provides customers with our expertise in power management. We monitor natural gas and electricity prices around the clock and use historical data to help you decide which fuel source to use and when to switch to the natural gas engine to reduce peak demand fees.
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