Dual Drive Pump Series

In addition to compression, we are making moves to bring ETT's Dual Drive technology to the industrial pump industry as many industries have vast pumping needs which require high runtimes, low emissions and the ability to get off the electrical grid. ETT's Dual Drive Pump Series, like all dual-drive products, can operate on either natural gas or electricity which brings dual-drive technology to new areas such as crude and NGL pipelines, municipalities and chemical companies.

  • Crude and NGL pipelines:
    Oil and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) require industrial pumps instead of compressors to keep the liquids flowing. So the Dual Drive Pump Series moves crude oil and NGL through pipelines in the same way the Dual Drive CA Series transports natural gas.

  • Municipalities:
    Municipalities have many needs for industrial pumps, such as wastewater transportation or emergency flood systems. During a hurricane or flash flood, water pumping systems are vital to reducing damage to the community, but if these pumps are dependent on the electrical grid, many times they shut down when they are needed most. But the Dual Drive Pump Series has the ability to switch from the electric motor to the natural gas engine so operations can continue uninterrupted.

  • Chemical Companies:
    Numerous chemical companies require the use of industrial pumps to move a variety of liquid chemicals. These companies require reliable pumps with high runtimes to ensure chemicals are always moving in order to create a safe and productive environment.