Dual Drive CA Series Model 7044

The Dual Drive CA Series keeps production high and emissions low.

The overrunning clutch of the Dual Drive CA Series allows for a seamless transition between drivers. Once the natural gas engine brings the compressor to operating capacity, the clutch allows the electric motor to take over the compression load as the natural gas engine slows down with virtually no interruption to gas flow.

WG Series 7044 DualDrive (Waukesha / GE)
Engine:  Waukesha L7044GSI 1680hp @ 1200rpm
[ Specification ]
Motor:  Siemens 1500hp, 1200rpm
Compressor Frame:  GE Frame, two stage, four throw, 7 inch cylinders, 12 inch cylinders
Cooler:  Air Exchanger 132-2Z, 2-30hp Electric
Clutch:  SSS Overrunning Clutch
Couplings:  Voith Hydraulic
Controls:  Allen-Bradley Controllogix L32 PLC with Panel View Plus MMI
Motor Starters:  Allen-Bradley
Current Conditions: 
Suction:  220 psig
Discharge:  850 psig
Volume:  17 mmcfd