Energy Transfer Technologies

ETT provides compression technology that benefits the industry, the public, and our partners. As an industry leader and pioneer in this technology, we are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative energy options and unwavering customer service.

The concept behind our Dual Drive technology combines the two primary methods of driving a natural gas compression, natural gas-fired engines and electric motors, into a single skid-mounted package with both gas engine and electric motor coupled to a single gas compressor. The Dual Drive can be customized to fit standard fleet units and to meet the needs of almost any gas compression facility.

The Dual Drive is the latest offering from ETT, designed to address the needs of the industry and focus on using new technologies to find compression solutions that operate cleanly, efficiently, and safely.

ETT's corporate office is in Dallas with regional offices in Houston and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ETT is a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.